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In Southeast Asia And Africa, Covid-19 Deaths Declined By About A Third,

In Southeast Asia And Africa, Covid-19 Deaths Declined By About A Third,

In its weekly report on the pandemic, the U.N. health agency said there were about 3.1 million new cases globally, about a 1% increase from the previous week. Nearly two-thirds of the coronavirus infections — 1.9 million — were in Europe, where cases rose by 7%.

The countries with the highest numbers of new cases worldwide were the United States, Russia, Britain, Turkey and Germany. The number of weekly COVID-19 deaths fell by about 4% worldwide and declined in every region except Europe. Out of the 61 countries WHO includes in its European region, which includes Russia and stretches to Central Asia, 42 reported a jump in cases of at least 10% in the last week.

In the Americas, WHO said new weekly cases fell by 5% and deaths declined by 14%, with the highest numbers reported from the United States. On Tuesday, pharmaceutical company Pfizer asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize booster shots of coronavirus vaccines for all adults. WHO has pleaded with countries not to administer more boosters until at least the end of the year; about 60 countries are actively rolling them out. ollowing an unexpected summer surge and then a stubborn plateau in September, COVID-19 hospitalizations and the number of patients requiring intensive care have dropped significantly over the past month in New Jersey.

But health officials expect that to end as more indoor gatherings are held with Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season in two weeks.

“We still expect an uptick due to the nature of holidays,” Nancy Kearney, a state Health Department spokeswoman, said Monday.

Still, New Jersey has seen a 35% drop in COVID-related hospitalizations since early October. The number of patients with COVID in New Jersey hospitals stood at 627 on Monday, down from 959 exactly a month ago.

Patients in critical care decreased by 38%, while those on ventilators dropped 40%, according to state statistics.

Reported cases have also been halved in a month, while the positivity rate on tests is down 40% over two months.

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One statistic that has caused some concern is the rate of transmission increasing recently to one. If the rate is below one, COVID is in decline. If the rate is above one, it is spreading.

As the weather forces more activities indoors and holiday gatherings occur, the rate of transmission may only increase. Models conducted by the state Health Department show an uptick next month but nothing that will cause hospitals to be overburdened with COVID patients, Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli has said. There were more than 8,000 COVID patients in the hospital at the height of the pandemic in mid-April 2020.

But officials say the state is in a much better place than it was a year ago when COVID began a mid-autumn surge that carried into January.

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